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Body Interact is a virtual patient simulator that delivers well-defined and measurable benefits across healthcare education, training, and recruitment. It has multiple scenarios and a Physiological algorithm that allows real-time responses from the patients. Any given medication will have real-time effects on the patient and will change their health condition. Click here for details.

Simulation is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of clinical training and, though effective, is resource-intensive. Virtual reality (VR) is emerging as a new method of delivering simulation. VR offers benefits for learners and educators, delivering cost-effective, repeatable, standardized clinical training on demand. A large body of evidence supports VR simulation in all industries, including healthcare. The future of VR lies in its ongoing integration into curricula and with technological developments that allow shared simulated clinical experiences.

It contains gynecologic, urologic, and arthroscopic simulator. The gynecologic surgery simulator provides a structured training approach based on progressively more complex cases. Doctors learn to recognize pathologies and handle complications, while having the time to ask questions during procedures and reflect on findings. Through the use of original medical instruments, skills are directly transferable to clinical settings.Urologic surgery simulator provides simulation training for TURP, TURB, and Laser Enucleation of the Prostate with Thulium (ThuLEP) or Holmium (HoLEP). Urologists learn to master instruments and manage complications without involving live patients. Individual courses allow for personalized urologic surgery training. Arthroscopy simulator prepares doctors for the operating room quickly and efficiently. It helps your trainees through their arthroscopic learning journey with progressively more complex training cases and society based curriculum. Click here for details.

Endoscopy ana bronchoscopy simulator is the all-in-one simulator for both gastrointestinal and bronchial training. Our simulator offers learning modules for bronchoscopy, EBUS-TBNA, upper GI, and lower GI to give learners a comprehensive set of cases for their simulation-based learning. Click here for details.

The Laparoscopy Training Set is a complete minimally invasive training system that does not require additional video equipment, simple to set up and portable. It includes the large pelvic work area + HD 1080p SimScope (camera) + 12″ High-Resolution monitor.  It is versatile as it can be used for basic laparoscopic skills up to advanced procedural training, including camera navigation for an individual or a team. Click here for details.

It is suitable for technology-based training and meetings. It is designed for distance education. It is equipped with 10 tablets and 1 HD television.

This department is established to do medical education technology studies with a multidisciplinary and innovative perspective. Using the resources of our university, studies are done with public-private sector cooperation for the local and national production of the models used in professional education. For this purpose, two 3D printers with different features, a 3D Scanner, and two high-quality computers are accessible.